WATCH: Police slam “reckless” Gold Coast house parties in breach of virus rules

Police have been forced to shut down a number of house parties across the Gold Coast in breach of virus restrictions, describing the behaviour as “reckless” and “blatant.”

Officers were called to the same house at Carrara twice over the weekend, handing out 25 fines worth $1334 each.

Police received an initial noise complaint about the party on Fitzwilliam St around 11.30pm on Friday night.


A group of people aged in their 20s had hired the Airbnb property for a birthday party.

The men admitted they were in breach of the Chief Health Officer’s direction with seven males aged between 21 and 25 copping fines.

Police were again called to the same house late on Saturday night following another noise complaint.

A further 18 fines were handed out to 12 men and six women, including five men who had been fined the night before, while also seizing stereo equipment.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll says officers were in disbelief when they were called back a second time, saying it’s completely unacceptable.

“We always speak about the fact that most people are compliant and doing the right thing however, it’s that small percentage and that group that I’m talking about that will ruin it for the rest of us,” Commissioner Carroll said.

Officers were called to another house party at Pimpama around 9pm on Saturday night.

Dozens of people fled the scene when Police arrived at the Maurie Peters Crescent home.

The party’s host, a 28-year-old man was issued with a $1334 fine.

Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler says the behaviour of those people is extremely frustrating.

“This type of behaviour puts all Queenslanders at risk and counteracts the hard work police have doing,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler said.

“It’s especially disappointing considering the vast majority of Gold Coast residents doing the right thing and following the rules in line with the easing of restrictions across the weekend.

“Blatant disregard of the COVID-19 directives will not be tolerated, as has been demonstrated by fines being issued on each of these occasions.”

Nine people were also fined in Brisbane after officers were called to a house party in Banyo.

Five men and four women all aged in their 20s were all issued with infringement notices.

Police have so far issued a total of 146 infringements over the long weekend.

WATCH: Police break up house parties in Carrara, Pimpama, Banyo



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They shld have also put every last one off them in 2 week monitored lock down quarantine as well then they might have got the message as there is no way they will pay the fine if they have such a disregard to the law!!! ???

Maybe you should pay it for them