WATCH: Precious husband falls victim to wife’s Tik Tok prank

Honestly, my future husband better cover for me like this guy…

A man has become a viral sensation after he fell victim to a prank currently trending on Tik Tok, and this man deserves to be protected and cherished at all costs.

Tik Tok user @slgriffith6 shared video footage of the moment she pranked her husband into believing she had been pulled over by police for speeding.


She then told him that the police were following her home after she made up an excuse to try and get out of a ticket.

“Listen he’s following me home because I told him the reason I was speeding is because you had fallen,” the wife can be heard telling her worried husband on the phone.

“So can you just lay down like you fell bringing in the groceries or something, I’m going to be home soon,” she says.

And in scenes too precious for this world, the husband can then be seen lying on the front steps of the property, grocery bags and all, as the woman arrives home.

“Husband of the century! That’s loyalty at its best! That’s marriage!” one person commented on the video.

“He packed up some grocery bags and everything, so awesome!” wrote another.


@slgriffith6This trend has me dying? ##wifeandhusband ##prank ##momsoftiktok ##fyp ##viral♬ original sound – slgriffith6

Other people have since jumped on board the trend, including Tik Tok user @kenzielynnsmith who also tricked her adorable Dad into falling for the prank.

“He had my back! Would your parents go along with it?” she wrote.


@kenzielynnsmithHe had my back??? Would your parents go along with it? Insta: kenziesmith26 ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – kenzielynnsmith