WATCH: Reusable rocket’s successful launch and landing

Founder of Amazon Jeffrey P. Bezos’ space dreams are coming true after his rocket company, Blue Origin, managed to successfully launch and land a reusable rocket on Monday. In a brief interview, Bezos said: “We’ll fly humans when we’re ready. I’m thinking it could be sometime in 2017.”

The rocket lofted a capsule that is hoped will eventually carry paying passengers on suborbital flights to a height of 100.5 kilometres above its launch site in West Texas. Outer space is considered to begin at 100 kilometres.

The capsule and the BE-3 liquid-fuelled rocket then separately landed safely, ready for another flight.


It took approximately 11 minutes for the capsule to land after blast off with the help of parachutes. Meanwhile the rocket turned around when it reached outer space, re-fired its engines before easing to a gentle landing five feet from its target on the launchpad.

Check out footage of the launch and landing in the video below: