Watch: Route of Gold Coast’s new ‘M2’ motorway revealed [video]

THE route of the Gold Coast’s new ‘M2’ motorway has been locked in, with the final stretch now officially mapped out.

The State Government on Sunday announced the final route of the six-lane road had been gazetted, allowing it to be protected from new development.

It will run for 42km between Nerang and Logan and is tipped to take around 60,000 cars off the congested M1.


Dubbed the Coomera Connector, the new road will be located east of the M1 and, starting from Nerang-Broadbeach Road in Nerang, will travel through Helensvale, Coomera, Pimpama, Ormeau, Stapylton and Eagleby before connecting with the Logan and Pacific Motorway interchanges.

Source: Department of Transport and Main Roads

Source: Department of Transport and Main Roads

Source: Department of Transport and Main Roads

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the new road was essential to alleviating congestion on the M1 and would provide an important north-to-south transport link for north Gold Coast communities.

“With more than 180,000 vehicles travelling on the M1 each day and strong population growth on the northern Gold Coast, we need to plan for the region’s future transport demands,” Mr Bailey said.

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“We want people to spend more time at home with their family and friends and less time in traffic, and that means responsibly planning now for growing communities between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

“Now, the entire 45 kilometre Coomera Connector corridor – including the final northern stretch to the Logan Motorway – has been officially gazetted as a future state-controlled road.”

The Nerang to Coomera section was gazetted in March 2016 and the Coomera to Stapylton section in May 2017.

The corridor has been identified in various public planning documents, such as published street directories, regional transport plans, planning studies and City of Gold Coast planning schemes since the 1990s.

Formerly known as the intra-regional transport corridor, the new road will provide more choices for local traffic and additional crossings of the Logan, Coomera and Nerang Rivers.

It’s also expected to cut travel time between the Coast and the Capital by reducing the number of local trips on the M1.

Mr Bailey said there was still plenty of work to do to bring the project to life.

‘‘The community will continue to be involved in future stages of planning for the corridor,” he said.

“Opportunities for consultation will be both in person at a series of information sessions and online.

“Community members will be able to learn more about the project and provide feedback using digital engagement tools such as collaborative mapping.’’

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The Palaszczuk Government has committed $5 million to undertake transport planning studies for the corridor.

Residents who live or have properties along the gazetted route have already been notified, while community information sessions are still being planned along the length of the corridor to gain community input into the short-listed options.

The community will also be given a chance to provide feedback about the project online.

A master plan will then be developed to determine the preferred option for the corridor and help determine how delivery of the project could be staged.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads says a timeline for construction has not yet been identified and will depend on the future traffic growth in the surrounding area and availability of funding.

The Department says it is also liaising with property owners regarding land sales and development applications and early acquisition of properties “may occur in some hardship circumstances”.

Planning continues to progress for the alignment.

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As an Eagleby resident I would like to mention Eagleby residents have NOT been included in discussions of this road except for a select group of 20 people and there are approximately 40 homes being resumed …
the State Government has been VERY elusive over the entire situation and some of QLDs last natural wetlads which is home to over 270 unique species of animals are going to be disturbed…

Eagleby residents are furious and this wasn’t due to he gazetted until May .
Our Local Member Jennie Breene organised a public meeting which the Federal Member attended and the State Member and The Main Roads Department refused to show up.

Thank you for that Post Gerowyn Jensen. I have only just heard of this freeway, unbelievably Five Days ago. I have lived in Eagleby for 18 years overlooking our Beautiful Wetlands. Your mentioned of the 270 unique species that call the Wetlands their home. That includes the majestic Sea Eagles ? that nest and raise their young here every year.. I am the last house end of Herses Rd. I overlook Mr Frank Lee’s 170 acre property and One of the Two largest Wetlands in Eagleby. Apparently this 6 lane Freeway will run right past the back of my property 200 meters away. I rang and spoke to Kate Taylor, Main Roads, Senior Communications Advisor. Paul Newnham is her boss. She has stated, from Approved date, Three Year’s give or take, to Completion. There must be strength in many voices. What can we do about this??

Won’t be going through Eagleby if we can stop the abomination called the Coomera Connector M1 Duplication!!

Good Post Paul Brady!! Eagleby Residents affected or no should band together. Many voices! See what we can do about this Sneaky Freeway Project

Whilst welcome; this M2 project is nothing more than a placebo. It adds another three lanes paralleling the existing four-lane section of the M1. It fails to address the real problem.
Perhaps the engineers who design the roads projects, the bureaucrats who endorse them and the politicians who approve them should take a simple refresher in elementary high school physics.
But, before that, keep in mind: Brisbane is Australia’s third-largest city and the City of the Gold Coast is Australia’s sixth largest city. Predictions are that within ten years, that situation will change with the population of the City of the Gold Coast outstripping Adelaide’s. So Australia’s third and sixth (soon, fifth) largest cities are connected by around just 70km of motorway.
Now; about motorway physics… Let’s use four lanes of traffic doing 110km/h, heading north between Exit 66 and Exit 30, as a starting point.
North of Exit 16, these four lanes are reduced to two lanes. In order to get the same number of cars past a given point in the same given time, those cars must travel at 220km/h. Add in, say, 50% extra traffic which would be using the motorway north of the Logan area, all trying to head north, and their speed would have to rise to 330km/h. Clearly, that “… ain’t gonna’ happen”.
I’ll digress. Consider a tree. It has lots of roots packed tightly together under the ground. The trunk is thickest near the ground. Then the branches spread out, gradually. As they spread out, they get thinner.
A motorway needs to be designed like a tree. It needs lots of exits near the city — the roots. It needs many lanes leading to/from the city — the trunk. It needs feeders spreading gradually out to serve the urban population — the branches.
Using the simple sums, above, the M1 needs to be (a minimum of) six lanes wide in each direction between Logan and the Brisbane CBD; with plenty of exits close to, and in, the city. And, that just addresses today’s problem!
Also to be considered is; what to do with the traffic which is exiting the freeway. Often, at the moment; at the top of the off-ramp is a set of traffic lights. The traffic must stop! Alternatively, the traffic must somehow merge at a busy round-about. (At best) the traffic must slow, significantly! Just look at Exit 41 — I think it is — any morning or afternoon peak periods and you’ll see traffic backed up at the off-ramps, waiting on the break-down lane, for access to the businesses in the area so that the staff can get to work.

I wouldn’t put too much credence on ‘poli-speak’ about leaving a legacy of an upgraded M1. Such a mammoth project would be very expensive! In addition to governments spending our taxes, perhaps it would be not un-reasonable for it to be partially funded by the users; by paying a toll.

Well Russell, me thinks you work in Government, “placebo” “toll”. Very unimaginative but to be expected, always charge more.
Why not consider Stop the Population grown. Our community does not need it. We, as in the world, are growing our species into a highly probable extinction.
Peoples lives and plans are being put at peril because of Government’s (inc Council) appetite for an increased population. Manage what we have or the legacy that we will leave our future generations will be disaster.

Employ this person who seems to know what they are talking about not the people who think they know everything. Riverlinks estate I going to be trapped in the middle of both theM1and M2 .. what a nightmare let alone house prices being affected


Please remember there is a 40 year Time Horizon on this project. A lot of us will not be around when its finished, if it ever gets finished, that is.

Eagleby residents and I to will be affected by this freeway project. I would like to know we’re your theory came from. I spoke to Kate Taylor, Main Roads five days ago She said from approval 3 Years to completion…

So what happens when you get to the Logan motorway interchange TRAFFIC JAMS all the way to Brisbane because there is only one way and no more room for another highway. It is simple when you get to Eagleby and can take the Mt Cotton road ( which should have been accessible ten years ago ) there need’s to be a highway built to the toll road so you can get to Brisbane via a alternative path ?

This is not in the planning stage and needs to be done.

Another typical SNAFU by our incompetent Gold Coast Council and State Roads. Well done!!!!
Your are now simply transfering the choke points to Nerang and Logan. Oh whoops isn’t that where they are already!!!!!
Typical State and Local Council mismanagement and secretive dealing. You say it has been available for review but if the general population is not informed we don’t know where to look.
I have an idea, stop overcrowding this city. We don’t need 1,000,000 living here. We are not all greedy developers who can’t see past there next f….up.
We need a council and Government that actually consults with the people.
To all Gold Coast residence rally up against this mess.

We are in Helensvale and this so called proposed road is literally going into our backyard ?! i mean what the F..?! There is very little talk about this project and we all know why! So you can secretly do it and cheat your ways and pull the bags over peoples heads until we die breathing all this emission from the cars ..that is proven health hazard, until the noise becomes unbearable. Why is this not in MEDIA? because you trying to hide ! You say 80% of people are happy with this ? i mean who did you asked ..from people that haven’t even heard about the project ?! I urge people to do their research about this project. I mean have you seen pictures of this project ? they had people walking with prams in middle of the motorway ! This looks like very pleasurable quiet afternoon walk, also very nice fresh air for our kids to breath in. I have not seen something so stupid since the Gold Coast sign on M1 that cost taxpayer $2M. Think its time you come to your senses !

Was not meant to be posted as reply to you Geoff but some reason it posted as a reply.