WATCH: Dogs rescued after RSPCA raids four alleged puppy farms in SE Qld

Hundreds of dogs and puppies have been found following a “large-scale puppy farm operation” in South East Queensland.

RSPCA Qld inspectors yesterday raided four properties west of Brisbane, where they uncovered the dogs and puppies allegedly being kept in closely confined spaces.

In confronting footage released today by the RSPCA, the puppies can be seen in multiple kennels at the properties.


RSPCA Qld Chief Veterinary Officer Anne Chester said many of the animals were living in “inappropriate conditions without adequate socialisation, exercise and enrichment.”

“It’s obvious that these dogs have been living in poor conditions and suffering for a long time,” she said.

“There have been significant concerns identified, including potentially harmful intestinal worm infestations, various behavioural issues that will require long term rehabilitation, and physical injuries and scars that need to be treated or documented.”

Officer Chester said initial observations established the dogs were “clearly suffering as a result of behavioural issues, due to inadequate or no socialisation or enrichment, and their inability to display normal patterns of behaviour for their species.”

It’s understood one of the dogs had to undergo an emergency blood transfusion as a result of severe anaemia from an intestinal worm infestation, while others were allegedly found with broken bones.

RSPCA Qld confirmed a large number of dogs and puppies were seized as a result of the raids.

They’re now undergoing veterinary treatment at the Wacol RSPCA Animal Hospital.

Investigations into the “large scale intensive breeding operation” are ongoing.

Meanwhile, it has prompted the RSPCA to issue a reminder that people engaged in breeding dogs need to ensure appropriate standards of care are undertaken.

“The community expects, and the law requires, that dogs, as sentient beings, should be provided with appropriate exercise, socialisation and enrichment, and should be free to behave as dogs,” Senior Inspector Laura Finigan said.


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I agree with everything said here . Dogs are sentient beings and need to be able to behave like dogs. So why are rspca condoning the keeping of Bandit .locked in a cage for 2 years today. 2 whole years by Scenic Rim Regional Council. You have inspected these premises and agreed they are not adequate for long term court held dogs. Bandit has not had exercise. Sunlight or interaction for 2 whole years .Yet you turn a blind eye !! No media ir revenue perhaps ??

I feel sorry for all the dog..they abused them… It’s really devastated.. I am so hurt and I cry to see all b this. Why they do t found it before. Yes you right.. And I agree what you say.

Where will these dogs be rehomed? I would take one and give it love and happiness forever

Wow I’m happy for you… Cause we need to love them and protect them. DOG is God created. We need to lo e them and take care like our families. They are like humans like us they can feel depressed and sad too… I love my dog. That’s when I see dog advertise Facebook or any I. The social media they are not treated good..its breaks my heart.

Hi how do I find out how be a foster mum, we have a 5 year old sausage (child) and would love to be able to help.