WATCH: Santa can’t quite understand the kiwi accent in hilarious Air NZ ad

AIR New Zealand is known for its witty Christmas advertisements, and this year the airline definitely did not disappoint.

Titled ‘A Verry Merry Mistake’, this year’s ad pokes fun at the New Zealand accent with Santa unable to understand a number of children’s present requests.

Hilariously, Father Christmas mistakes a Piggy Bank for a Puggy Bank, an aeroplane for an earplane and basketballs for biscutballs.


Air New Zealand’s chief marketing officer Mike Tod told SBS News that the airline wanted to celebrate the festive season and the Kiwi accent in a “humorous and uniquely New Zealand way.”

“While it’s no secret the Kiwi accent has been misunderstood at times, it’s also a signature part of our service,” Mr Tod said.

The ad was posted to the Air New Zealand Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages with the hashtags #MirryChristmus and #AccentEnvy.

It has since gone viral with more than 1.9 million views on Facebook in only a number of days.

“Oh I do love the Air New Zealand ads. They are such fun and poke fun at their home town. I am an NZer living in Oz and these ads help me feel connected. Mirry Christmus,” one person commented.

“That’s another ‘sweet az’ video from Air New Zealand!” wrote another.