WATCH: Sea World release turtle hatchlings off the Gold Coast

A group of tiny loggerhead turtle hatchlings have been released into the ocean off the Gold Coast today, after they were found in a nest on Tugun beach last week.

Sea World Veterinarian Claire Madden told myGC it is extremely unusual to find a loggerhead turtle nest on the Gold Coast.

“They are a species that are not known to nest down this far south. Normally they nest up near the Great Barrier Reef. To see a nest and hatchlings coming out on Tugun beach was a real surprise,” she said.


The hatchlings spent five days resting and rehabilitating at Sea World, before they were taken out to sea and released 15 kilometres offshore into the East Australian Current.

“These little hatchlings are a mere 14 grams at the moment but they will grow to a mature size of around 150 kilograms and they can live to up to 50 years of age,” she said.

See the hatchlings being released in the video below:

For more information, visit:

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My daughter was the one who discovered these beautiful little turtles. She just happened to be jogging along the beach and noticed one nearby. Then upon further viewing noticed about 30. She was enthralled! They were stumbling into people’s footprints and she was flipping them over so they would survive. Soon a crowd gathered to enjoy the sight. She was the one to ring and notify the authorities. Hence the turtles have been saved.
I’m so proud of her doings and she’s definitely an animal lover and carer!

A once in a lifetime experience discovering turtle hatchlings whilst jogging along the beach at Tugun. My daughter was the fortunate finder.

Lovely news. I have been in a camp long time ago where we studied and rescued hundred of hatchlings. But we always released them on the beach at night time, so they imprint with their birthplace beach and come back when adults to lay more eggs. Just wondering why do they release them in the water during the day instead?