WATCH: See inside the Sand Bypass System at Gold Coast Open House

Gold Coast Open House will be bigger than ever before with 40 buildings, places and spaces set to open areas usually closed to the public this Saturday.

One of the new venues unlocking their doors at this year’s event is the Sand Bypass System at The Spit.

Built in 1986, the Gold Coast’s Sand Bypass System was the world’s first permanent sand bypassing system and stands as one of the Australia’s most significant engineering feats from the 1980’s.


The System helps maintain safe navigational access through the Gold Coast Seaway entrance, and has the capacity to pump up to 500 cubic metres of sand across the Seaway per hour.

Watch the video below for a look inside:

Visitors to the Sand Bypass System this weekend will get an informative insight into the history, construction and operation of the plant and will also get to take a walk out on the jetty. It will be open to the public for Gold Coast Open House this Saturday from 9am-4pm and it is free to attend.

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