WATCH: See inside two of Australia’s finest Superyachts

Some of Australia’s finest superyachts have docked at the Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard ahead of the Australian Superyacht Rendezvous, which kicks off today.

The glamourous two-day event is a chance to showcase the economic and tourism potential of the superyacht industry and the appeal of Australia as the ultimate superyacht cruising destination. And of course, it’s also an opportunity to perve at some of the most luxurious boats to set sail in Australian waters.

While the event may be closed to the public, myGC managed to score an exclusive tour of two of the best superyachts on display – the Sahana and the Mary Rose.


The Sahana superyacht. PHOTO: Supplied

Collectively worth over $28 million, it is usually only the rich & famous that get the luxury of stepping on board these glamorous vessels.

So watch the video below and prepare to be blown away:

One can only dream! For more information on the Australian Superyacht Rendezvous, visit: