WATCH: Senior officer filmed in ugly confrontation with indigenous residents

UPDATE 3:30 PM | THE Ethical Standards Command is investigating an ugly confrontation between a senior police officer and members of an indigenous community in Queensland.

The dramatic disturbance erupted after tensions boiled over on a street in the tiny town of Murgon on Thursday.

Mobile phone footage of the incident was uploaded to Facebook from where it has since gone viral. See it below.


The vision shows the officer, believed to be a senior sergeant, engaged in a heated shouting match with several members from the neighbouring indigenous community of Cherbourg.

During the dispute, the officer can be heard repeatedly ordering the group to move on but is antagonised by members of the crowd, one of whom can be seen on video pushing his mobile phone up in the officer’s face.

Amidst a storm of abuse and foul language, the officer appears to lose his cool and is seen to violently grab a woman before dragging her towards a police vehicle.

(Source: Tayla Hillier/Facebook)

It’s understood the officer drops his keys during a scuffle with the woman on the road.

He then lets go of the woman before lunging at a young girl in the crowd who allegedly picked up the keys.

The sergeant grabs hold of the child’s shirt before falling on top of her after tripping over the curb.

(Source: Tayla Hillier/Facebook)

A second struggle ensues on the footpath, during which the officer can be seen grappling with the child in an attempt to retrieve his keys.

The young girl can be seen clutching the officer’s keys in her hand while screaming for him to let her go.

With the help of two fellow colleagues who were also present during the chaos, the senior officer, who can be seen in the footage kneeling on the cement, eventually gets his keys back before coping another round of abuse.

(Source: Tayla Hillier/Facebook)

A witness who filmed the drama said the senior officer broke down in tears in his car shortly after the incident.

It’s understood the officer had only just returned to the force from sick leave.

Queensland Police say the matter has been referred to the Ethical Standards Command for investigation.

WARNING: Video contains explicit language

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