WATCH: Simon Baker hits the red carpet at Breath film premiere on the GC

Hundreds of people packed into Event Cinemas at Pacific Fair last night to catch a glimpse of Hollywood star Simon Baker on the red carpet.

The Aussie actor, most famous for his leading role as Patrick Jane in the Mentalist, was attending the Queensland Premiere of his new movie, Breath, as part of the Gold Coast Film Festival.

Not only does Baker star in the film, it is also the first time he has directed a full length feature.


“It’s a fantastic opportunity that I never imagined I would have ever had,” he told myGC.

Watch the full interview with Simon Baker in the video below:

Two young surfers, Samson Coulter and Ben Spence, were plucked from obscurity to star alongside Baker in the film.

While the film features the boys riding solid waves, they say the scenes shot on shore were more terrifying.

“The waves weren’t the problem, it was just learning how to act,” Bed said.

Samson added, “The surf was the relaxing bit. We were just rubbing out hands together when we got to stop acting and go surf.”

They also revealed to myGC that prior to meeting Baker, they didn’t really know who he was.

“My mum had heard of him,” Samson said. “And I think I saw him in that ad where he pushes the screen and it lights up.”