WATCH: Sneak peek of Dracula’s new show ‘Muertos’

The Day of the Dead has been brought to life in Dracula’s latest cabaret spectacular.

Muertos will open to the public on Wednesday, with Gold Coast audiences in for plenty of carnival acts, dancing skeletons, galloping corpses, rocktacular live music and more.

Choreographer Adelaide Clark said Muertos is Dracula’s wildest show ever.


“Muertos is a surround experience that really draws the audience in,” she said.

“We mesh high-energy Latin dance with deliciously macabre variety acts as let’s face it, sin is in!

“The theatre has been festooned with red carnival lights, skeleton piñatas, fluttering papel picado flags and of course a soundtrack that you just have to get up and dance to.”

Watch a sneak peek of the show below:

The talented cast lineup features crowd favourite, Coco Inia Dewar, renowned acrobatic adagio duo Lauren Skapalova and Bray Garcia, señorita deliciosas Amber Dawn-Finch and Sarah Douch, backed by live music talents of Viola Skyes and Tomi Gray.

Muertos will open at Dracula’s on October 2, with VIP and Cabaret Dinner and Show tickets and Show Only tickets now on sale. For more information, visit: