WATCH – Snow Kangaroos have been captured on camera!

A video of kangaroos jumping through snow has gone viral on social media, because, you know, ‘Straya.

Stephen Grenfell posted the video over the weekend of the amount of snow that had fallen near Goulbourn in New South Wales, which typically does not get snow.

The person taking the video is moving slowly by a paddock, as the mob of kangaroos hop in many different directions, probably trying to figure out what’s going on… (we’ve assumed that)


Naturally, the video’s going bonkers online, because to fellow Aussies we’re like ‘heck what’s all that snow doing there?’, while the international community is probably flipping out that kangaroos actually exist (after widespread roo-mers – sorry –  that we’ve made the entire species up).

OR – is there a new breed of Snow-Kangaroos that we’re all just learning about together?! Mind shook.

Either way, this video’s earned a whopping half a million views already, ‘love buttoned’ by tens of thousands, and discussed by over 5,000 Twitterers.

So, you should probably also check it out… to keep up with trends and what not.