WATCH: Soul Surfers Paradise turned into grand stage for Hotelling

Soul Surfers Paradise has been transformed into the grandest of stages for an immersive theatre experience called Hotelling.

Each night from tonight until Sunday, an intimate audience of 22 guests will be summoned to the 64th floor Penthouse apartment and lured into the intoxicating world of ‘Richard Hightower’; one of the world’s richest businessmen who will be hosting an extravagant party in honour of his 118th birthday.

Audience members will be injected into the heart of the story, where they feast not only on Hightowers’ intriguing tale, but also on delicious food and drinks from Peppers’ hatted restaurant, Seaduction.


myGC caught up with Hotelling co-creator David Pledger during cast rehearsals to find out more about the show. Watch below:

Hotelling is on for a limited and exclusive season from November 1 -5, with two sittings per day day at 5-7pm and 8-10pm. For more information, visit: