WATCH: ‘Stolenwealth Games’ protesters block traffic, trams in Southport

‘STOLENWEALTH Games’ protesters halted traffic in Southport on Wednesday afternoon.

The indigenous protesters filed into Australia Fair Shopping Centre around 3.30pm before pouring onto Scarborough Street where they blocked the road and tram corridor.

Police negotiators were called in to try and end the standoff, which caused major traffic issues.


PHOTO: Matt McDonald /

Trams needed to be suspended between Surfers and Southport while the protesters sat or stood across the road, chanting for the “truth” about how Australia was stolen from Aboriginal people to be revealed.

The group could be heard shouting “our land, our choice”. See the full live-streamed video below.

By 4.30pm, traffic was moving along Scarborough Street again after the group reportedly took up position in the shopping centre’s car park.