WATCH: ‘Stupid decisions’ behind concerning spike in road toll

Police have expressed their frustration at Queensland’s growing road toll, claiming poor driver behaviour is behind the spike in deaths.

In the first 64 days of this year, 50 lives have already been lost on Queensland roads.

That compares to 32 for the same period last year.


Of those deaths, 19 were motorcyclists compared to just six last year.

It comes as Police today released body-worn camera footage of a speeding ute on the Ipswich Motorway at Wacol last month.

After being pulled over, an officer discovers a seven-year-old girl wedged behind the seat of the ute unrestrained.

Acting Chief Superintendent Ray Rohweder says it was ‘absolutely stupid decisions’ like that that is putting lives at risk.

“Making decisions out of convenience as opposed to making decisions out of what’s best not only for themselves but for other road users,” Acting Chief Superintendent Rohweder said.

“It becomes quite frustrating really. There is no answer to it, there is no reason, there is no excuse.

“The two adults in the vehicle had seatbelts on and they elected to have the small child not wear a seatbelt and in fact stuck in behind the seat of the car, all for convenience and I find that quite extraordinary.”

Police are continuing Operation Anaconda, targeting drug-affected drivers.

Since the beginning of the month, Police have conducted 1948 tests, finding around one in six drivers are affected by drugs.

WATCH: Police discover young girl wedged behind seat in speeding ute



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Worse than the china virus put the roads in a seven day lockdown.

All at fault drivers involved in traffic incidents should undergo a new driving test.
To many who are on our roads have no idea how to drive a motor vehicle.
Fining them and taking away a few points is no deterrent for bad driving skills.