WATCH: Surfers Paradise to light up with fireworks for SeaFire

More than 130,000 people are expected to hit Surfers Paradise beach this Friday and Saturday night to watch the sky light up in fireworks for SeaFire.

The international fireworks competition will see the world’s top pyrotechnic teams battle it out and fill the sky with explosions of colour carefully choreographed to musical soundtracks.

Teams from the Philippines, Australia, the USA, South Korea, and New Zealand will showcase their expertise at this year’s event with the USA, South Korea, and New Zealand competing first on Friday, May 31 in the Challenge Final.


Launching from three ocean barges anchored off the Surfers Paradise skyline, each team will be doing their best to illustrate their skill and flare to judges with their exhibitions of colour, light and music.

The resulting winner of the Challenge Final will then be invited to return to the competition on Saturday, June 1 to try their luck against the current reigning champion, Platinum Fireworks Inc, from the Philippines.

Once the SeaFire Championship title has been announced, Australia will then present the finale fireworks show with the country’s premier fireworks company Skylighter FireworX ending the night with a bang.

There will be a host of pre-show entertainment on both nights including an aerobatic and skydive display, followed by a skydive show where daring stuntmen decked out in the loudest and brightest fireworks will fall from the sky to the crowds below.

Lightning-fast pyromania stuntmen jet ski riders will also be performing aqua tricks, cutting through the ocean’s technicolored whitewash leaving a trail of incandescent light in their wake.

To add to the cultural diversity of the event, a range of multicultural performances will be on show in Cavill Mall from 4pm, capturing the city’s rich and colourful multicultural tapestry.

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