WATCH: TAFE Queensland celebrates World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day is a day to celebrate teachers who help students develop understanding and new skills in an array of subjects.

At TAFE Queensland, teachers are also able to pass on their on the job experiences with students, as they continue to work in their chosen field while teaching.

TAFE Queensland Teacher & Carpenter Glenn Raine said this ensures teachers are up to date with what’s happening in industry.


“It’s vital to have that industry link to be able to bring that back to our students so that they know the training is real, it’s current and it’s on point for them so they can take that back to workplace,” he told myGC.

TAFE Queensland Teacher & Nurse Georgia Adele Booker said every teacher is connected with their industry.

“Our students do really benefit from all of us teachers still working currently in industry,” she said.

“I can do a weekend shift and then I can come here on Monday morning and share up to date, real life experiences that have just happened.”

TAFE Queensland Teacher & Musician Ben Crawford said he loves helping students succeed in their chosen industry.

“As teachers we are still actively engaged in industry, and one of the great things is seeing former students appear on a gig that we are working on as professionals,” he said.

Mr Raine said he gets great joy seeing students succeed once they graduate from TAFE Queensland.

“There is no greater satisfaction then seeing a student who has taken what they’ve learnt at TAFE, gone out in to industry, made it work and become successful. That is the ultimate,” he said.

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