WATCH: Terrifying moment Qantas plane aborts landing at Melbourne Airport

HAIR-RAISING footage has emerged today of a Qantas passenger plane being tossed around in strong winds while trying to land at Melbourne Airport.

The footage, originally posted to Facebook by Socially Random on Sunday, shows the Qantas 737-838 coming in to land and line up with a runway at the airport when it is hit by a strong gust of wind.

The aircraft’s wheels almost touch the tarmac when all of a sudden the plane starts violently swaying side to side.


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However, although the footage was posted to Facebook on Sunday as the state of Victoria was being battered by extreme winds, it was actually filmed last year.

myGC found the original video, which was uploaded to Youtube back on May 5, 2015.

Despite being rehashed from 17 months ago, the footage shows the situation pilots are facing in Victoria today as the state is battered by wind gusts up to 120 kilometres per hour.

Winds were reportedly gusting at only 60 kilometres per hour at the time the above footage was filmed in May last year.

Today’s wild weather has resulted in dozens of flights being delayed or cancelled at Melbourne Airport.

Since resurfacing on Facebook today, the footage of the 2015 missed approached has again gone viral.