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WATCH: This social experiment proves racism is still alive in Australia

A social experiment is going viral after it proved that racism is sill very much alive in Australia.

Brooke Roberts who runs the brand PrankNation, uploaded the experiment onto YouTube on Sunday, with it already receiving more than 21,000 views.

In the video, two men are standing blindfolded in the middle of busy walkway with a sign reading “I trust you. Do you trust me?”


The only difference? One man was white and the other was black.

“Today I went out to see the comparison between my light-skinned friend and my dark-skinned friend,” said Roberts.


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I think that was disgusting. If I’d have walk past I would have given them both a hug. In this day and age it’s unforgivable to treat people like that. Everyone is equal no matter what color his or her skin is. Give the second guy a big hug for me.???

This is just sad 🙁 it breaks my heart. Dont understand how people are so cruel.
Everybody needs to wake up & stop being rasict. We are all the same, all equal.

I was wonderi g if u could do one some one with tattoos and peirceing wen going for a job interview

of course racism is still alive, and its the government that has caused it, they spread on the news about all these supposed terrorist attacks, by coloured people, they want us to be scared of dark skinned people, people who are awake and aware, would have no problem giving a black guy a hug, I would definitly have given him a hug, but i am not a sheep, and i am not scared of what the media plays up more than it should do in the news, The government wants a war, why do you think they let so many immigrants into our country, then try to make us scared of them, its all about power and control over the masses, if we are scared they can control us,

They should have been dressed the same and the white guy didn’t have a back pack. Run the experiment again. But yes it’s heart breaking.

OMG!! As an Australian myself, I am both Shocked and Horrified yet Not surprised 🙁
I can only hope that it was to the fact that he was up against the boxed flowers and not out in the open, but there were a lot of people who read his sign and kept walking … Shame on those who ignored this young man 🙁 ….

A message to ‘those’ people….Just think, he could have been a Doctor, a Firefighter or an Ambulance driver, He could have been any of those who, one day may need to save your life 🙁

No Black people hugged either person

Sad to see this is the reaction now days. In light of the current climate, perhaps our “dark skinned friend” should not have been wearing a back pack. Was that intentional?? I personally think that may add an extra element to your experiment.

I think that video whats discussing

I am not at all surprised, but I am sickened and saddened watching this, and watching people I thought I knew well showing racism and ignorance towards the refugees, the muslim people, the list goes on. I would have hugged your friend, I hope he wasn’t too disheartened by that experience.

Omg this made me cry all people have the right to be treated as equal

This made me so sad. To think the white bloke got all those hugs and handshakes and the darker bloke got nothing…..I would like to hope that I wouldn’t behave like this if walking past this.
However, I thought it might have been fairer if they were wearing the same clothing type.

I’m disappointed in my fello aussies I would of shaken his hand even giving him hug try a smaller city see results

OMG!!! that was sooo sad to watch…. that poor guy did not get one hug… it brought tears to my eyes to see him stand there that long and get bothing….. i understand that you cant trust everyone, but for him to stand there with the sign saying i trust you… he should at least got some credit for doing it….. i feel for you mate xoxo

That does not determine racism. Australia is not a racist nation … Lots of factors determin the difference of reactions in that video, you really should be careful

That’s very sad. I would have hugged him.

Apart from the skin colour this probably also comes down to the way your two friends are presented. One is wearing nice casual clothes, a black mask and carries no bags (nothing to hide), has even camera or phone strap hanging out of his pocket (trusts that nobody is going to snatch that). The other wears an old work shirt, pants that look like leggings on my screen, a cheap white mask and a backpack (so nobody steals his possessions – no trust) Who would you rather hug?

I don’t think the experiment results are valid. My reasoning being why we’re the 2 men not put in exactly the same place (different times) and why was the dark skinned man dressed in ‘tradies’ clothes with what appeared to be a back pack where the lighter skinned man was dressed in casual clothes. I believe these two differences have swayed the public’s response to the men.

i found it hard to believe that people don’t care what race others are, yet they discriminate. i have heaps of friends from all over the world, and i treat them how i want to be treated. all people deserve to be respected in one form or another.

I dont believe this proved anything about racism. I do believe people were concerned and nervous about the dark skinned man. I also believe with all the terrorism going on people seemed hesitant too approach him. However they still trusted him to an extent because they didn’t avoid the area

I’m Australian and I feel ashamed that this is yhe Australia I live in. I hope I would have given both these men some acknowledgement were i a witness. Thank you for this video!

So sad 🙁

That’s so sad, we just don’t realise that we do it

While I agree with the conclusions in this video that there are problems with racism in Australia I wouldn’t agree with the t**le of this article that this social experiment ‘proves it’. Haven’t spent about half my adult life in hi vis work wear and the other half dressed like the first bloke in the video, I have to say the difference in the way I’m treating is pretty extreme, especially in places like what looks like a yuppy filled inner city mall. I’d be interested to see another video with the dark fellow well dress and the White lad as a tradie. Judging from my own experience I’d be a pretty different result.

So what exactly does this prove, firstly as a male I wouldn’t give either of you a hug, secondly, any twit who stands in a mall and asks for hugs has got to be a penny short of a pound. And being dressed in tradie gear probably means he has B>O. get over yourself.