WATCH: Tom Tate takes first ride on Gold Coast’s new beach cleaning tractor

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has taken a ride on the city’s brand new beach cleaning tractor, the ‘Barber’.

The Mayor said they chose the unique name for the vehicle because it “gives a number one cut throughout the sand”, meaning our beaches are set for a deep clean like never before.

“The feature of this Barber is that it picks up syringes, cigarette butts, bottle caps and other smaller things that the old machine couldn’t pick up,” the Mayor said.


“We regularly remove items such as bottles, debris that has washed ashore, cans, disposable cups and plates, thongs, fast food wrappers and straws from our beaches, but now we can do so much more.”

The ‘Barber’ will cover approximately 2.7 hectares an hour, an area roughly the size of the playing field at Carrara and clean at a depth of six inches.

“Our City staff are dedicated to keeping our beaches clean and healthy, with 35 kilometres of coastline on the mainland swept through routinely between midnight and sunrise,” Mayor Tate said.

“Our beaches are known for being so clean the sand squeaks – so lets keep them squeaky clean for future generations to enjoy.”

The city’s original beach cleaner, the Beach Drum has been in use for 20 years and will remain in action on southern beaches.