Watch: Treasure tackles ‘tampon tax’ during uncomfortable Q&A

TREASURER Joe Hockey has been left with nowhere to run while being grilled on the ABC’s Q&A program.

He was the only guest on last night’s panel show and copped a barrage over the Federal Government’s latest budget and those unsavoury comments on Mother’s Day where he referred to some mums as “double dippers”.

But the highlight may have been when he was forced to watch a video of young women holding a giant tampon and quizzing him over the GST on sanitary products.


The ABC website explains, University student Subeta Vimalarajah started an online petition earlier this month asking the Government to stop taxing a “bodily function” and remove the tax on pads and tampons.

“On the other hand, condoms, lubricants, sunscreen and nicotine patches are all tax-free because they are classed as important health goods,” the petition says.

“But isn’t the reproductive health and hygiene of 10 million Australians important too?”

The campaign has attracted more than 90,000 signatures.

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