WATCH: Two busted on first weekend of metal-detecting wand trial

Two men have been caught with weapons on the first weekend of a trial of metal-detecting wands in Gold Coast Safe Night Precincts.

Officers began trialling the wands on Friday night as part of changes to youth crime laws passed by state parliament last month.

Police scanned a total of 116 people in Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach between Friday night and Sunday night.


A 23-year-old man was caught trying to enter a Surfers Paradise nightclub on Friday night with a screwdriver concealed in a bag.

Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman says the man was given an adult caution.

“The issue we have there whilst yes, it is a screwdriver that can be used for its true intent it can also be used as a weapon and can actually cause significant injuries to an individual,” Acting Chief Superintendent Wildman said.

Image: Queensland Police

A 31-year-old man was allegedly caught with a knife in Surfers Paradise on Sunday night.

He’s been ordered to appear in Southport Magistrates Court on May 31.

Police conducting the trial also detected two people who had been banned from the Safe Night Precinct.

Two others were found to be breaching bail while four were arrested on drug-related charges.

“While this is a prevention strategy and the intent for us is not to get arrests as such, we are finding that were identifying other offences while conducting these scanning activities.”

Acting Chief Superintendent Wildman says the public was generally very supportive of the trial.

We thought there might have been some issues obviously with obviously the late commencement of the trial and the ability for us to get the messaging out.

“One of the first groups we spoke to, they’d actually seen some information on social media and were across the trial and knew what it was about.

“Even those people who didn’t know the basis behind the trial or were aware of the trial, once it was explained to them they were more than supportive.”

The trial will continue for 12 months.

WATCH: Police start metal-detecting wand trial on the Gold Coast

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Maybe the guy was planning on fixing the loose toilet door hinge in the nightclub! What a moron.