WATCH: Viral parenting video gets mixed reviews

A parenting strategy has gone viral on social media this week, though could be seen as a little… controversial.

Vet Fikes uploaded a video of her trying to feed her son, who doesn’t appear to be interested in eating.

She then uses a teddy bear to demonstrate what might happen if the food doesn’t get eaten… and the result is unbelievable.


In the caption of the video Ms Fikes says “I had to try this…”

The video was uploaded on Wednesday (May 29), and already has over 20 million views, 146,000 reactions, and a whopping 516,000 shares.

So it’s almost weird if you haven’t seen it yet.

‘LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WOMAN’, ‘ Pretty disturbing’, ‘i cant breathe lmao’, and ‘whatever works lol’, are just some of the 147,000 comments on the post. 

What do you think? Would you try this with your child?