WATCH: Vortex ride now open at Sea World

Sea World visitors are set to spin this summer, with the brand new Vortex ride now open!

Thrillseekers will experience up to 5 g-forces on the 18 metre high pendulum swinging attraction, which reaches speeds of 30 kilometres per hour.

“While on the ride, guests will tumble and twirl through the air as they experience pendulum movements and circular rotations all while taking in the spectacular views of the park,” Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO Clark Kirby told myGC.


Check out the ride in the video below:

The Vortex is the first attraction to open in The New Atlantis precinct, with another two rides, the Leviathan (a wooden coaster) and the Trident (a 42 metre high swinging attraction) to open mid next year.

The New Atlantis precinct is going to be a game-changer for Sea World and will become a destination where our guests can experience the myths, mysteries, quests and challenges located within the new multi-million-dollar utopian precinct,” said Mr Kirby.

For more information on the Vortex, visit: