WATCH: Why you should report a koala sighting on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is home to thousands of koalas, however as urban expansion continues, they face ever-increasing threats to their survival.

To help keep our local koalas safe, the City of Gold Coast priority species conservation team regularly conduct surveys at koala habitat areas across the city.

“The surveys that we do for koalas are very important,” Senior Conservation Officer Alicia Powell told myGC.


“What we do is we focus on our priority koala areas, and we go back a re-survey those every couple of years.

“Re-surveying at such intense intervals helps us to detect any trends happening in the population, and then be able to respond very quickly in case something is happening with that population that we need to respond to.

“The koala population data helps us to make really good decisions for koalas so they can continue to survive into the future.”

Ms Powell said koalas can be quite tricky to spot.

“Koalas are notoriously difficult to spot. They are very well camouflaged,” she said.

“We look for koala poo typically at every single site we go to as this gives us an indication of how much the koalas are using the habitat. Then, we also look for the koalas, which gives us an indication of the population density and the size in an area.”

Learn more about the city’s koala population monitoring surveys in the video below:

Ms Powell also encouraged Gold Coasters to report any koalas that they may see while out and about on the Gold Coast at the City of Gold Coast website.

“Koala sightings are really valuable to us because they help us to make specific management actions for koalas in areas where people and koalas are interacting,” she said.

However, if you come across a koala that appears sick, injured or in danger, is sitting on the ground, or is a joey without its mother, call Wildcare Australia immediately on 07 5527 2444.

For more information on how to protect koalas, koala breeding season or to report a koala sighting, visit

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