WATCH: Will & Grace actor goes viral for nailing the Aussie accent

An American comedian and actor has become a viral sensation for pretty much perfecting the Australian accent.

Brian Jordan Alvarez, who many may recognise as Estefan Gloria in the popular TV series Will & Grace, took to social media on Monday to share a video of him pretending to be an Aussie praising Americans for electing Joe Biden as President.

“Hey guys, just wanted to reach out to America and say we’re so proud of you that you got rid of your stupid f****** dictator,’ he says in the video.


“You guys are gonna have, like, a regular president again.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect but it’s so much better than the s*** that you’ve put the whole world through for the last four years.

“So I just wanna say congratulations and you’re not as stupid as we thought, and we love you, now.”

The clip quickly went viral, with people shocked at how well Alvarez took on the Aussie accent.

It has so far racked up almost 500,000 views and thousands of comments.

“I thought he WAS Australian. To learn he isn’t is mind blowing. This is the only fake Aussie accent I have ever heard that actually works,” one person commented.

“Mate. MAAAAATE!!! That is the best attempt I’ve ever heard. The inflections on the end of each sentence. Very Gold Coast teenager. Well done!” wrote another.

WATCH: Warning, video contains some coarse language.