Watch woman’s beautiful response to enraged motorist abusing her in the drive-thru

If there’s one video that’s going to change your perspective on life today, it’s going to be this one.

A woman has taken to Facebook to give an inspiring and heartfelt insight into why she chose to be kind to a fellow motorist abusing her in a drive-thru, instead of abusing them back.

In the video, which has had more than 20 million views since being posted just six days ago, Tiffany Jenkins explains that she was waiting in the drive-thru queue, when her daughter dropped a toy in the car.


She said that she leant down to pick up her child’s toy, not noticing that the car in front had already received their order and driven off.

“All of a sudden the lady behind me acts as if I have ruined her life completely,” Tiffany says.

“She started slamming on her horn and throwing her hands up and I was looking and she was like mad, like foaming at the mouth.”

Tiffany continued by revealing that instead of getting out of her car and abusing the woman back, she proceeded through the drive thru and paid for the woman’s coffee.

“Because here’s my thought process…” she said.

“She’s going through something this morning, and if I would have tried to get out of the car and give her a hug that would have been super awkward, so I just bought her a coffee and I left.”

Tiffany went on to explain that instead of retaliating to get “some kind of justice” she simply just tried to be kind.

“Because it’s those people, the people that are grumpy and harboring resentment and angry, those people need love the most,” she said.

“Those people that are often the hardest to love, need love the most.”

The mother of three finished by asking viewers to choose kindness when going about their day today.

“I encourage you today to not let other people get to you and just remind yourself that they are fighting an invisible battle that we know nothing about, so just be kind,” she said.