WATCH: You can now see meerkats up close at Paradise Country

A mob of meerkats have made their way to Paradise Country with the opening of an all new exhibit just in time for the school holidays.

The meerkat mob consists of mum Aya, big sister Sarabi and twins Keeya & Maliah who have all settled into their specially designed exhibit at the heart of the park.

Paradise Country Curator of Wildlife, Lauren Mousley said the meerkats are an exciting addition to the park’s wildlife family.


“We are incredibly excited to welcome the meerkat mob to Paradise Country and we can’t wait for our guests to watch them get up to their mischievous antics in our state-of-the-art exhibit which is a first of its kind on the Gold Coast,” she said.

See the meerkats up close in the video below:

“The new exhibit is in a prime position in the park and is designed with a natural environment featuring substrates, logs and plants which allow the inquisitive meerkats an opportunity to forage and explore their new home.

“Excitingly for our guests, the exhibit is also surrounded by glass panelling to provide them with the perfect viewing opportunity to get up-close and watch as the cheeky mob goes about their day of digging and socialising.”

Meerkats are extremely social animals and originate from the grassland and deserts in the southern area of the African continent with their diet consisting of small insects and vegetables.

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