Water bills could increase on the Gold Coast over the next 3 years

Gold Coasters could soon be paying more for water under a proposal from the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA).

In a report published on Monday, QCA made recommendations about bulk water prices for south east Queensland, including the Gold Coast, for 2018-21.

Currently bulk water prices vary from council to council in the south east, so the state government enlisted QCA to recommend prices to allow all councils to achieve a single common price for a kilolitre of bulk water by the end of the decade.


QCA presented two pricing options in the report – one that would see a common price for water reached by 2019-20, and another where the common price would be reached in 2020-21.

The first option would see the current bulk water price for the Gold Coast ($2.82 per kilolitre) rising by 5.2% in 2018-19 and 2.5% in each of the next two years.

QCA determined that this would mean the bulk water component of a bill for an average Gold Coast family – using 160 kilolitres per year – would rise by $23.20 in 2018-19 and $12 in each of the next two years.

The second option would see a rise by 3.5% in each of the three years from 2018-21, resulting in an increase for the average Gold Coast household of $16 to $17 each year.

The State Government is now expected to decide whether to accept QCA’s final pricing recommendations.