Water bills could soon shrink

WATER charges could drop slightly from next year.

The Queensland Competition Authority’s recommended bulk water pricing be slashed by three per cent.

Acting Mayor Donna Gates said the move would relieve some pressure on residential and commercial water customers.


“The cost of water is high, with the bulk water price component making up a large slice of the overall cost of a final water bill,’’ she said.

“The Queensland Competition Authority has, for the first time, looked into how SEQWater sets its bulk water pricing including its proposed bulk water pricing for south-east Queensland for future years 2015-2018.

“The QCA report considers, among other issues, the need for SEQWater to lower its bulk water charges that our Council pays. Over the past couple of years, bulk water prices have spiked around 10 per cent.

“I welcome this QCA report and would hope it quickly translates into lower retail water costs for our customers from 2015 and onwards.

“I look forward to seeing the report once our water business (Gold Coast Water) has reviewed it.’’