Water bombing eases Straddie bushfire threat

FIRE FIGHTERS remain on scene of the large bushfire burning in the area of Brown Lake on North Stradbroke Island.

Crews are hopeful that water bombing from two fixed wing aircraft on a fire on the southern end of the island around Native Companion Lagoon and a helitack bombing on the blaze at Brown Lake will have eased the situation.

A helicopter is also being used for air observations.

At 1.45pm, the fire was not threatening any properties but was causing a large smoke haze, with a south-easterly wind pushing smoke towards the southern bay islands.


Residents are advised to keep their doors and windows closed, and if they suffer from respiratory conditions, to keep medication close by.

Motorists in the area are advised to drive with caution and check with the Local Council and Queensland Police Service (QPS) as there is restricted access to some roads and camp grounds on the island.