Water cannon used on G20 protesters

German police have deployed a water cannon and pepper spray against protesters on the eve of the G20 summit in Hamburg.

A thousand “zombie” protesters descended on the streets for the ‘Welcome to Hell” protest against the two-day summit between political leaders to begin in the northern German city tonight.

The performance protesters dressed in grey from head to toe and have been popping up in small groups across the city in silent, eerie protests in the lead-up to the summit.


The march was due to move from Hamburg’s historic harbour area towards the venue where the G20 summit is due to be held, but the protest came to halt about 300 metres into its route after police blocked the path of protesters.

They asked a group of demonstrators to remove their masks,but were instead attacked with bottles and stones by some marchers.

Police then decided to separate the group by force from the rest of the approximately 12,000-strong demonstration.

Several protesters outside the “black bloc” of activists reported also being targeted with water and pepper spray. The march continued after many of the more confrontational protesters dispersed into side streets.

Police said that several people had been injured in the skirmishes, but could not confirm the exact number.