Water police urge locals to be safe on the water this Christmas

WATER Police across the state are preparing for a busy Christmas on Queensland waterways.

Operation Summersafe is already underway and aims to keep Queenslanders safe on the water this holiday season.

Gold Coast Water Police Senior Sergeant Lucas Young said summer is a busy time for local water police crews as they head out conducting vessel intercepts, random breath tests and checking safety equipment.


“We are asking boaties to use a bit of common sense and be patient this Christmas, especially as waterways will be more congested than usual,” he said.

“We’re also reminding people about the dangers of alcohol and boating. You wouldn’t drink and then drive your car – so why would you drink and then operate a boat.

“The same applies to speeding. Speed kills on the water just as it does on the road.”

Sen. Sgt Young said water police crews would also be conducting vessel observations to ensure they are being operated safely.

“For those heading off shore, always make sure you book on and off with your local Volunteer Marine Rescue or Coast Guard and make sure your emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) is registered, in date and on board with you,” he said.

“Importantly, you should also make sure all your lifejackets, flares and your V sheet is also on board before you set off.

“Planning ahead before you head out on the water saves lives. It will also ensure your Christmas outing is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

“Remember – complacency and boating don’t mix.”