Water restrictions in place from tomorrow, Canungra

Canungra residents are being urged to save us much water as possible now, ahead of a hot and dry summer.

Water restrictions will come into place from tomorrow, which will affect all residents connected to the Canungra water supply.

It comes after the Water Treatment Plant was taken offline earlier this week, due to low levels in the local creek.


“Canungra is not connected to the SEQ Water Grid, and relies on water from Canungra Creek which has stopped flowing,” reads the Urban Utilities website.

All drinking water is now being tankered in to the town, and locals have to drive to either Nerang or Beaudesert to re-fill their own tanks.

“Due to the ongoing dry conditions and low water supply in Canungra, water restrictions will come into effect from Saturday, 30 November for all residential and non-residential properties connected to the town supply,” the website reads.

It’s hoped locals can bring their usage down to 140L per person per day, by not using water sprinklers, limiting outdoor cleaning practices and pool fill ups.

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