“We are concerned” Superyacht not co-operating with Qld Police

Queensland Police have launched an investigation into a group of people who arrived into Queensland onboard a superyacht.

The vessel allegedly docked in Cairns from the Maldives on December 21 with 14 guests on board and six crew members.

One of the crew members, a woman in her 20s, has since tested positive to COVID-19 and has been trasnferred to hospital.


The remaining crew members remain on board the yacht for marine safety and have been directed to self-isolate.

While the fourteen guests have been forced into 14-days hotel quarantine in Cairns and are undergoing mandatory COVID-19 testing.

The State’s Chief Health Officer has admitted authorities are concerned about the superyacht case, because the crew is not co-operating with police.

“We are concerned about the super yacht case, what this message says is that no one is immune from this,” Chief Health Officer Yvette Dath said.

“The super yacht in question has not been very co-operative at all in relation to the information being provided to police, and where they have been so that we can identify whether there is any other cases or where they may have got it from.

“We are very disappointed with this superyacht who is not co-operating and providing factual correct information to Queensland Police,” she added.

Police said that as the investigation is ongoing, they’re unable to provide any further details about the matter.