We are living in an apocalypse. What can we do about it?

I can usually see the Surfers Paradise skyline from my driveway. For the last few weeks, it’s been a hazy blur.

I went to Sydney last week and continually brushed grey, white and black fragments of ash from my clothing. I even had to make an emergency pit stop to the Apple store to flush out my charger port: it was clogged with ash.

This is our reality now. We’re living in an apocalypse.


So what can we do about it?

We could take a leaf out of our Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s book and do precisely nothing, whilst also failing to see the link between climate change and our country being on fire.

“It is irresponsible not to connect the dots,” the Climate Council’s Dr Martin Rice tells SBS News.

“It is absolutely clear… that climate change is exacerbating dangerous bushfire conditions. Australia must act on climate change it must join the global collective effort – we’re falling woefully behind and Australians are paying the price.”

Or we could do the opposite, and throw our support behind the massive protests happening right now.

One strike in Brisbane is likely to disrupt evening traffic.

Organised by the group ‘Uni Students for Climate Change’, another strike planned in the Sydney CBD today is demanding that the federal government take serious action on climate change and allocate extra funding to the fire services.

This seems like a positive step – but still, it feels like it’s not enough.

Right now, hundreds of fires are burning across Australia.

In Sydney today, just breathing and existing is the equivalent of smoking 20-40 cigarettes a day.

Pregnant women and young children with asthma are particularly at risk, and could suffer long term consequences if the toxic air smothering Sydney continues until the end of summer, warns Sotiris Vardoulakis, a professor of global environmental health at ANU.

Practically, all we can do right now is support those who are on the front line.

The ABC offers a brilliant list of organisations that need our help right now, from animal charities that help koalas and other wildlife that has been hurt and displaced, through to fire brigade donations and even charities to help those who are now homeless get back on their feet.

Other than that, ScoMo: all eyes are on you. What happens next?

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Yes we need to support those in the front line, they are doing an amazing job!!! Has this been caused by climate change or environmental mis management?
I would say the latter, insufficient management of our national parks, back burning, access and fire breaks – not the fault of local authorities but of red tape, insufficient resources and Bowing to greenies pressure – is a travesty!!!

Hi Suzi,

Contrary to popular belief, the greenies have not been in control of the government for the past 6 years. The LNP has. Had the greenies actually sought measures to hamper bushfire management, the LNP should have outvoted them.

Are you referring to the new requirement that QFES leadership approve any planned backburning? This was in response to backburns which got out of control, making the situation worse. This gives the QFES more visibility over what is happening on each fire front so they can plan better. Vast majority of requests are approved.

On to the the proximate cause. We know that climate change is making Australia hotter. This causes more evaporation, making our country drier. Most things burn better when they are hotter and drier. Surely our bushland does too? The ex fire chiefs certainly think so.

Protest, that will fireproof Australia. Ask Dorothy McKellar about our sunburnt country…who you ask? Get active, turn off your mobile phone and have a go at life; it’s shorter and more fragile than the 80 kilometers of iceberg.


Ive been planning a move from the UK to GC for 5 years and we are due to come in the New Year. But for the last 6 months the complete lack of responsibility and awareness Australia has shown to what is happening around them began to change our mind and kill our dream of a better life. This article shows me that there is hope, in QLD and ona . regional level.

not one mention of young arsonist shtbags? 87% of bushfires are started by humans and 50% deliberate. doesnt fit the wildy unbalanced narrative?