We are passionate about the future of our community

For many years I wanted to create a space where healing and fun are at the same level, then one day I met a lovely soul that showed me how that was possible.

She become the reason of our why; then in no time we become a mental health and disability service provider, catering for complex diagnosis, and we learned in that process to listen what really matter.

We want to be a service where our clients are part of the team, where their family can be open and free to express their feelings and wants. We want to honour the great achievement that is NDIS and how we can support our clients to assist their goals with this awesome national insurance scheme; from being able to lose 65kg and reverse diabetes to be able to attend school in a safe, friendly environment.

We are passionate about the future of our community, we want to keep the hospital beds free for those in real needs, the rooms in juvenile system empty, young people engaging schools, and people with mental health and disability in their own home, receiving care they need with kindness and dedication, living the life they want and deserve, feeling free to make their own choice.

With knowledge, dedication, understanding, active listening and good clinical team, all this is possible.

Our dream goes beyond all what we do; we want to connect disadvantaged people in the Gold Coast with our care service and be able to listen what they really want. Empowering clients with the community and families to work together with us.

For us, it is important to see our clients living their full potential and defining themselves as they become empowered. Life is about enjoyment and emotional fulfilment.

Our holistic approach engages daily on the importance of the whole person, with thoughts transformed into actions. We put a great deal on healthy lifestyle, as our daily focus is nourishment of the soul. This is our life in Gold Coast: sun, sea, and uplifting energy created by the salty atmosphere with its all-negative ions expanded into our shinning blue sky.

How cannot we create the ideas of outdoors activities and healing arts in such a beautiful part of the world?

We want to be part of the long lasting and positive changes in our community. Focusing on sharing and caring with passion and dedication, supporting, and educating, listening to what is really going on and what is necessary for the good care service to be actively connected with the client.

Our intentions are to create a great movement of new care service with all the actions we have in place already and much more, planning miracles, manifesting dreams, and inspiring new minds to achieve a dynamic lifestyle.

We are in such an interesting time of history, where the pandemic showed us, we can be completely isolated in our fears but also showed us how we are all the same in the heart, needing love, care and friendship, no matter our colour, disability, or cultural background, because we are all part of the same community.

We recognise that we are all different and for that, we need to learn from each other, sharing knowledge and always be the inclusive and tolerant to all.