We could co-exist – until this happened…

This is not something I like sharing with people, but this is anonymous, so here goes…

We have mice.

In fact, we’ve had mice for a while. Up until recently, they would just hang out in the garage near where we keep the dog food and while it wasn’t ideal, we could co-exist.


Then, one morning last week, I noticed a little present left for us by our mouse squatters: they’d been hanging out behind the microwave.

The horrible things have well and truly made themselves at home. They’re hiding out somewhere that has easy access to our kitchen and are no doubt nibbling on our leftover crumbs and the occasional open biscuit packet.

It’s enough to make me dry reach just thinking about it, so clearly, I had to do something.

Now, I’m not a fan of mousetraps. I’d rather find a more humane way of doing things, but the only other option is poison.

So… I set a mousetrap.

I felt bad, but I did it.

I laced it with peanut butter and went to bed.

The next morning, our problem was solved. But as I was preparing to deal with the situation (i.e. double wrap my hands in plastic bags to dispose of the trap), I noticed something: the peanut butter was gone. Every last little bit of it.

Sure, the mouse could have licked it clean before the trap went off, but the more likely reality is that another mouse had filled up.

In her desperation for a feed, this mouse – lets call her Minnie – had climbed over Mickey’s lifeless body and gorged herself.

While I do understand the delicious, hard-to-resist appeal of peanut butter, I had to wonder: did Minnie think twice before diving in there? Has she no heart?

Probably not. After all, she is a mouse.

Either way, the whole thing has me horrified, because now I know there are (were) at least two of the little buggers. When recounting this story to a friend, she said there’s more likely to be dozens of them milling about in our roof. I shudder at the thought…

As much as it pains me to set another trap, I’m hoping it won’t be long before Minnie joins her Mickey in ‘a better place’.

After all, I’m sure she’s dying for more peanut butter.

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