Welcome to a budget free zone

TELL the truth, you are all just about over budget babble aren’t you?

I was going to talk about old people getting screwed, this time by the State Government budget, and how they have to wait until October to find out what concessions they will lose.

What’s the bet some will turn off their heating over winter in preparation for the bad news?


But I won’t go there now as we have agreed this will be a budget free zone.

This means I also won’t bother going into how state budgets have about as much relation to reality as a Batman comic.

The predictions are never right, they work on a four-year forward estimates – anything can happen in that time and – and it may as well be written by some monkeys with typewriters.

For example, the LNP Government last year predicted a $664 million budget deficit for 2014/15 but it is now likely to be more like $2.2 billion.

Not. Even. Close.

They can’t blame that on the Bligh Government.

And there is really no point in pointing out the main thrust of the budget is the Government basically blackmailing the entire Queensland population.

As in, if you do not give us a mandate to sell off $33.6 billion in public assets after the next election, you won’t get $8.6 billion of that for vital infrastructure.

In reality, they have just prepared themselves a nice $8.6 billion war chest which they will be able to use to pork barrel all over the state during the election campaign.

Well played, LNP.

And where did they get the $33.6 billion figure anyway?

I think they will find, just like the Bligh Government did before them, they won’t get what they think they will.

But who cares right?

Though I will just add Clive Palmer tweeted criticism of the budget including a threat to resume, with no compensation, anything the LNP sells if his PUPs win government.

Sit down Clive. You have said enough this week.

So as we have agreed to not talk about the budget I thought instead I would tell you some incredible gossip I’ve just heard.

You will not believe it but … oh, bugger, I’ve run out of space.

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