Welcome to Fantasy Island

RAINDROPS on roses and whiskers on kittens …. la la laaaa!

By golly gosh, isn’t it just dreamy to be living on the crime free, confident Gold Coast?

No, I am not drink writing.


Apparently, the Gold Coast is now problem free thanks to the Newman Government’s wonderful VLAD the Detainer anti-bikie laws.

This week the Labor Opposition attempted, unsuccessfully, to move a motion in State Parliament condemning the controversial laws because innocent people were being harassed.

I think the words ‘inane butchery of criminal law’ were used.

Cue parade of LNP backbench suck ups to extoll VLAD’s virtues.

Broadwater LNP MP Verity Barton, no doubt smarting from being on top of the list of MPs most likely to be dumped by their own party before the next election, felt the need to rise and expose herself on the subject.

“Criminal gangs on the Gold Coast are gone,” she gushed.

“I do not know about anyone else on the Gold Coast, but I have not seen criminal motorcycle gangs or other criminal organisations on the Gold Coast since this tough legislation was introduced into the House.”

She hasn’t seen a bikie in ages? Well, then that is proof enough for me!

“I have not seen a more confident community since this legislation was introduced,” she continued.

“We want Queensland to be the safest state to raise a family and, by golly gosh, this government is doing it.”

By golly gosh?

NOTE: This really happened. This is not a parody.

Opposition MP Curtis Pitt admitted Labor previously had a few different positions on this legislation but was now in full agreement that it was bad.

“I acknowledge that while we placed on record our serious reservations, we did not oppose these laws when they were introduced, largely because of the so-called urgency that was applied to them by the Attorney-General to kick start his publicity war on bikies,” he said.

“Since that time it has been made abundantly clear that these laws are not what they were purported to be and simply are not workable.”

Right, so he voted for the laws but didn’t really have a good look at them?

That’s a bit of a worry.

Is there anything else he didn’t give a lot of thought to before passing it into law?




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