Welcoming the new year with a resolution

When the clock strikes twelve tonight, most of us will be making new year resolutions and vowing to fulfill them. But how many of us actually stick to the promise’s we make?

Most people pledge to lose weight, to drink less, to travel more. But all too often these resolutions are broken within a week of the new year, so how can we keep them?

We have come up with a list of the top ten new year resolutions that many of us make and tried to implement a few little strategies so that this year you can actually keep them!


1. Lose weight and get fit

– Get a gym membership

– Buy a set of weights for your home

– Work out whilst watching tv

2. Quit Smoking

– Nicorette Gum/patches

– Drink Tea

– Read a motivating book

3. Drink Less

– Drink only on certain days/nights

– Drink lighter versions of alcohol

– Take up a hobby

4. Save more money

– Do your shopping using cash only

– Open up extra savings accounts

– Budget

5. Give to charity and volunteer more

– Clean out your wardrobe/home and give all unwanted prodoucts to lifeline, salvos ect.

– Volunteer at homeless shelters

– Run in charity marathons

6. Travel

– Come up with a travel plan

– Go to a travel agent

– Research on the internet

– Use discount websites to secure bargain holiday deals

7. Eat better

– Use a kitchen scale to measure ingredients

– Eat smaller portions of food

– Set yourself an eating plan

– Have one treat day a week

8. Spend less time on Facebook/Instagram

– Monitor yourself to only a certain amount of time each day

– Disable your accounts

– Phone your friends to see what they are doing instead of sending them a comment

9. Spend more time with family & friends

– Make time to visit your mum and dad

– Go to the gym with your brother

– Go Shopping with your sister

– Set a time to have family dinners

10. Learn something new (New language, career change)

– Purchase a language book

– Download language learning apps

– Research careers you’re interested in