“We’re going to be there for days, weeks”: Hinterland fire danger far from over

Fire chiefs have given a bleak outlook for bushfire conditions in the Hinterland, warning the battle could last for weeks.

Strong winds continue to hamper firefighting efforts with gusts in excess of 50 km/h.

A Strong Wind Warning remains in place for the Gold Coast.


Bureau of Meteorology Senior Forecaster Richard Wardle says those winds will pick up before dropping back again.

“They should ease later today and tend more south-easterly,” Mr Wardle said.

“We do expect those fire danger ratings to reduce tomorrow over most of Queensland as those winds decrease and also as we see those south-easterly winds bring some moisture from the ocean over inland areas.”

But temperatures are forecast to start rising again on Friday which is expected to increase the fire danger yet again.

A top of 27 is forecast for Friday with winds around 15-20 km/h an hour.

Saturday is heading for a top of 29 with winds up to 35 km/h before a southerly change hits.

What firefighters really need is rain and there’s none on the horizon.

“In terms of rainfall outlook we’re not expecting any significant any rainfall over the next week or two over the fire impacted areas,” Mr Wardle said.

QFES Acting Commissioner Mike Wassing says the fire burning in the Hinterland will remain a concern for some time.

“It’s not impacting any additional properties overnight, albeit it’s been very, very windy over there,” Acting Commissioner Wassing said.

“But we’re going to be there for days and weeks because of the remoteness of some of that fire activity.

“We’re working very closely with the council and the local community because we’re very conscious of community fatigue.

“We can manage our fatigue in terms of our firefighters but we’re very conscious of the community fatigue.”