‘We’re not going anywhere’: RSL Club Southport rejects ‘fake’ shutdown reports

One of the most popular RSL Clubs on the Gold Coast insists it is not broke and is not going anywhere amid reports it was set to close down.

The club has been fielding hundreds of calls from concerned members, staff and clients after claims it was in financial trouble and would be forced to shut its doors

RSL Club Southport President Mark Tull says the story is ‘fake news’ and has caused mass confusion amongst its members and staff.


“The club is not closing, the club is not shutting down, we’re not going out of business, we’re not broke and we’re not going anywhere,” Mr Tull told myGC.

The building on Scarborough St is owned by the Southport RSL sub-branch, a completely separate entity to RSL Club Southport which leases the building.

“The sub-branch had a meeting a week ago and decided to put the building on the market to sell and probably because this is a 20 year old building and there’s lots to do to keep it going,” Mr Tull said.

“As of today, prior to this debacle, we delivered an offer to the sub-branch to purchase the building, to give them enough money to move up the road a couple of doors and buy purpose-built offices for their pension and advocacy work for veterans.”

Mr Tull insists RSL Club Southport will continue to support local veterans forever.

“We will maintain them being here for their social gatherings, raffles, their reunions, Anzac Day and we’ll still support them every month financially for the rest of their natural lives.

“We would like to make sure they (the sub-branch) get better accommodations, we would like to make sure they are always here for their gatherings.”

Mr Tull says RSL Club Southport continues to go from strength to strength and remains profitable.

“The veterans that use the club are only part of the 11,000 members we’ve got and the club’s full today.

“We’ve fielded hundreds of phone calls so far today, everything from feature artists worried about their bookings, to people who have purchased tickets, to people who have got functions booked to normal members wondering what the hell is going on.

“The club is very financial, we’ve got 83 staff, we pay them all on time and and we have their future entitlements covered.”

The Southport RSL sub-branch has been contacted for comment.