“We’re not out of the risk period”; NSW health still searching for COVID missing link

NSW Health has confirmed it has still not found the missing link, connecting a COVID-infected overseas traveller to a Sydney couple who tested positive to the virus last week.

Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, said there was still a lot of work to do to try and figure out how the spread occurred.

“Unfortunately we haven’t found that missing link,” Dr Chant told reporters while opening Sydney’s first mass vaccination hub at the Olympics Park on Monday.


“The contact with the infectious person must have been very fleeting. So, because of that, we’re still concerned that there may be chains of transmission in the community that are yet unrecognised.”

Dr Chant said the positive news was that sewerage in the Marrickville area, which was positive last week, tested negative over the weekend.

“We’re recollecting those samples again today,” she said.

“But unfortunately for us, not unfortunately for nature, there was a lot of rain last week and the rain actually impacts the reliability of the sewage because it dilutes the testing.

“These are all the factors that we pull together to influence our decision-making.”

Dr Chant said it was important people continued to come forward for testing.

“We know that COVID can present as a very mild illness and it circulates unknowingly in the community,” Dr Chant said.

“My plea to the community is to come forward and get tested if you have the most minimal of symptoms.

“Sustaining those high testing rates this week will mean we can be reassured we’re not missing any chains, those chains have burned out naturally and have not sustained.

“Or if we have missed any of those chains of transmission, we find them at the earliest point in the transmission chain and it’s easier to extinguish them, the earlier we find them.”

NSW Health will release the latest COVID numbers at 11.00 am but Dr Chant has foreshadowed there is “nothing particularly of concern” in the update.

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Daniel Andrews is the missing link to being sacked immediately!