WET WEATHER: Rain to drench the Gold Coast this long weekend

Bad news for anyone planning on heading outdoors this long weekend, with heavy rain set to drench the Gold Coast over the next few days.

Around 75 millimetres of rain has been forecast to fall across the city from Friday through to Monday.

Up to 15 millimetres is on the cards for today, with Saturday expected to be the worst, with up to 35 millimetres forecast.


We’re also being warned of a possible thunderstorm today and tomorrow.

“Rainfall probabilities will climax on Friday and Saturday in most areas before easing Sunday, with falls around 20-40mm expected in the southeast at the peak of the wave,” the Bureau of Meteorology warned.

Meteorologist Rosa Hoff said the wet weather is thanks to “stream showers” affecting all of the Queensland Coast.

“This means that showers from out over the ocean are going to get pulled onto the coast thanks to the east to southeasterly winds,” Ms Hoff said.

“This increase in rainfall is extending pretty much everywhere from Cook Town down to the border with New South Wales and beyond”.

She said mild temperatures will continue across the state, slightly below average by day but warmish at night due to moisture and cloud.

A high of 24 degrees and low of 17C has been forecast for the Gold Coast across the whole long weekend.

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