WATCH: Whale rescued after getting caught in fishing gear off Gold Coast

There’s been another whale rescue off the Gold Coast after a humpback got caught up in what appears to be fishing equipment.

Seaworld crews were called out earlier today after the whale was spotted about four nautical miles from the Seaway tangled in ropes and buoys.

The adult male had first been sighted with the buoys attached near Byron Bay on Monday.


Ironically Seaworld staff were undergoing training to disentangle whales when word came through.

Crews were dispatched to the scene, eventually locating the whale in some distress.

The whale had a small amount of rope around its tail stock along with two small buoys about 12 inches in size.

Sea World Assistant Manager Marine Sciences Marnie Horton says luckily they were able to free the whale pretty quickly but it had suffered some injuries.

“The animal was very, very tired, the rope around the tail stock had cut down at least two or three inches so the animal was feeling pretty awful I would think and it was pretty slow.

“The animal was just sort of hovering around the surface of the water which was really great for us, it gave us the opportunity to get in close and cut the rope off with just three cuts.”

Ms Horton says the whale then continued on its northern migration and despite the wounds should have a fighting chance of survival.

“Once we cut the whale free we followed it for about 20 odd minutes and it was swimming much more strongly, it was starting to dive a little bit which was great because it had just been sitting at the surface of the water.”

Today’s rescue comes after another whale had to be freed after getting caught in shark nets off Main Beach three weeks ago.

WATCH: Whale rescued after getting caught in fishing equipment