UPDATE : Whale freed after getting trapped in nets off the Gold Coast

UPDATE @12.00pm | Crews have managed to free a whale that was caught in shark nets on the Gold Coast.

It’s understood the creature was trapped for around 4 hours, before it was released shortly before midday.

Teams from Seaworld and the fisheries department cut it free from the main net, though as it swam away it seemed there may still be some netting around its tail.


Trevor Long from Seaworld was on the rescue boat and said it wasn’t an easy rescue.

“We were able to free the net from the head relatively quickly, though it did take a lot of time to free it from the tail.

“In the whales point of view its probably a form of harassment, because it doesn’t realise that we’re trying to help it.

“When we did realise it, it was very tired, but after around 10-15 mins it did start to swim back out to sea,” Mr Long told myGC.

EARLIER @10.15am | CREWS are working to free a whale after it become trapped in nets off the Gold Coast.

A spokesperson for Fisheries Queensland said they initially were alerted to the incident at 7.50am.

“A Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol (QBFP) Marine Animal Release Team (MART) crew is working to free a 10-metre whale tangled in shark nets off Main Beach on the Gold Coast. Sea World is also assisting with the release,” the spokesperson said.

Since 2006, MART crews have successfully released all but two whales that were tangled in nets.

The Queensland Shark Control Program has a 24 hour toll-free hotline number for reporting entangled animals which is 1800 806 891.