Whale trapped in shark net at Kirra beach

UPDATE 11am: A subadult whale, caught in shark netting off Kirra beach, has been freed.

The mammal spent at least four hours trying to free itself on Sunday morning.

It was first spotted around 6.30am, with Seaworld Rescue crews arriving by 8am and taking just over 30minutes to untangle it.


EARLIER 7.30am: A crowd is gathering on Kirra Beach at the southern end of the Gold Coast, after a whale was spotted in shark nets.

Early risers noticed the mammal in trouble around sunrise on Sunday.

It’s not known how long it has been trapped in the net or the condition it is in.

Seaworld rescue crews are on their way from Main Beach to help free the whale.

It comes just weeks after a baby humpback and its mother died after becoming entangled in shark nets offshore of Broadbeach.

Thousands of whales pass the Gold Coast each Winter as they migrate from the colder Antarctic waters to northern Australia.

They then return south for feeding in the Spring.