What do Taylor Swift and a bunch of 70 year olds have in common?

TAYLOR Swift is about to reach a whole new generation of fans after graciously allowing a Sydney theatre production to keep her anthem Shake It Off in their new show.

A major social media campaign was launched yesterday, after Belvoir Street Theatre was told by Taylor’s management use of the hit single in their production Seventeen, was not allowed.

With the show to premiere tonight, the director scrambled to get permission from the pop diva herself.


‘Please @taylorswift13 help these seventy-year-olds Shake It Off! #greygrey4taytay,’ wrote Anne-Louise Sarks.

Sarks also called in Aussie actor Russell Crowe to lend a hand.

‘Hey @taylorswift13, remember that time we lived together in opposite sides of the same hotel? That makes us close right? Next tweet –

‘Hey @taylorswitf13 #2 the Belvoir St theatre company in Sydney is a very cool independent co, they need your assistance.’

The superstar replied later in the day, with an 11th hour repreive: ‘Permission granted, @BelvoirSt. Good luck with your opening night.’

Sarks and the cast of Seventeen, which features veteran actors Barry Otto, John Gaden, Peter Carroll and Maggie Dence playing 17-year-olds on their last day of school, celebrated with a dance.


They also thanked Swift on Twitter: ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH @taylorswift13!!! I am overwhelmed. Your support for artists is a thing to behold. Thank you.’